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Boston's Mayor Marty Walsh Vows to Defend City's Immigrant Population

Shortly after the White House released an executive order on Border Security and Immigration Enforcement Improvements , Boston Mayor MartyWalsh convened a press conference at City Hall to reinforce his support for the immigrant community.   He was surrounded by dozens of immigrant leaders from various communities in greater Boston . “Today's Executive Orders regarding immigrants are a direct attack on Boston 's people, Boston 's strength & our values,” Walsh said. “We will not stand for it. “We are a city and nation built on immigrants and we depend on newcomers to maintain the vitality of our country.  We will not be intimidated by a threat to federal funding.  we will not retreat one inch,” Walsh continued.” In June, 2014, the Boston City Council passed the Trust Act , which guarantees undocumented immigrants that the Boston Police Department would not report them to federal authorities.  Earlier in the day, Mayor Walsh issued this statement:

President John F. Kennedy's Inaugural Address, January 20, 1961

Here is the inaugural speech of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy , delivered on January 20, 1961. For more details on President Kennedy and his legacy, visit the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library & Museum . Learn more about the Kennedy Family's Irish heritage . Follow year round Irish cultural activities in Massachusetts at .