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James Michael Curley House in Jamaica Plain, on Boston's Irish Heritage Trail

Photo Courtesy of Emerald Necklace Conservancy One of Boston's most endearing neighborhood landmarks is the James Michael Curley House at 350 The Jamaicaway in Jamaica Plain.  The house belonged to James Michael Curley, himself o ne of the most colorful and legendary politicians to come out of Boston in the 20th century.   Born on November 20, 1874 on Northampton Street in Roxbury to Irish immigrant parents from County Galway, Curley was the dominant figure in Boston and Massachusetts politics for half a century.   In addition to serving four four-year terms as mayor of Boston, in 1914, 1922, 1930 and 1946, he was  Governor of Massachusetts  from 1935-37, and also served as   US Congressman  from 1911-14. In 1915, when he was mayor, Curley had the 21 room mansion built in Georgian Revival architectural style, with a crystal chandelier, Italian marble fireplace, mahogany interior and a three-story spiral staircase.  It sits on 1.2 acres and is across the street from Jamaica Pond and

Boston's Harold Connolly, World Record Holder and 1956 Olympic Gold Medalist in the Hammer Throw

One of Massachusetts' most notable Olympic champions, Harold Vincent Connolly, died on August 18, 2010 at age 79.  His rise to stardom, from a frail and partially paralyzed child to an Olympian, has inspired generations of Bostonians and athletes around the world. Born in Somerville on August 1, 1931, Connolly was raised in Boston's Brighton neighborhood. He suffered from severe nerve paralysis as a child and spent most of his youth in physical therapy. He compensated for his illness by training diligently with strength conditioning, weight lifting and athletics at Brighton High School, where he graduated in 1949, and later at Boston College, where he graduated in 1953. Connolly set numerous American, world and Olympic records in the hammer throw, and was a four-time Olympian. In 1956, he won the gold medal in the hammer throw at the 1956 Olympics in Melbourne, beating the defending world champion, Mikhail Krivonosov of Russia. Throughout his career, Connolly won nine U.S.