USS Jamestown Sails from Charlestown Navy Yard on Humanitarian Mission to Help Ireland, March 28, 1847

Mary Boyle O'Reilly of Charlestown was a Social Reformer, Intrepid Traveler and Journalist Who Covered World War I

Irish Bond Drive to Support the Irish Republic Kicked off in Boston, Massachusetts on February 24, 1920

On February 18, 1900, Irish leader Maud Gonne spoke at Boston's Tremont Temple, opposing the Boer War

140 Years Ago, Boston Leaders Met at Faneuil Hall to Support Ireland's Land League Movement

Irish-American Sculptor Thomas Crawford, Master of Classical, Civil War and Patriotic Sculptures

Lowell Irish and City Officials Unveil Celtic Cross in front of City Hall in 1977

Irish tenor John McCormack made his debut at Boston Symphony Hall, 110 Years Ago on February 5, 1911

Edgar Allan Poe, Born in Boston on January 19, 1809

John F. Kennedy's Inaugural Address, January 20, 1961

Four Mezzo-Rilievo Adorn Martin Milmore's Soldiers & Sailors Monument on Boston Common