Irish Bandleader Patrick S. Gilmore Started the New Year's Eve Countdown in New York City, in 1888

On December 30, 1870, Irish sculptor Martin Milmore was commissioned to build Soldiers and Sailors Memorial on Boston Common

1913: Massachusetts Governor Elect David I Walsh Plans Big Inaugural Reception Due to Public Enthusiasm

On December 5, 1770, Two British Soldiers Found Guilty of Manslaughter in the Boston Massacre Shootings

Looking Back at John F. Kennedy

City of Boston marks November 16 as Goody Glover Day, in honor of Irish servant hanged as a witch in 1688

James Michael Curley remembered in ceremony at Boston's Mt. Calvary Cemetery on Anniversary of His Death

Martin J. Walsh Wins Election as Next Mayor of Boston

Boston Red Sox and Fenway Park through Green-Tinted Glasses

Irish Pride for Boston Red Sox, 2013 World Champs in Baseball

Irish Connections of Fenway Park

John F. Kennedy Elevated the Tone of National Life, Opened the White House to the Arts

New Edition of IRISH BOSTON : A Lively Look at Boston's Colorful Irish Past, from Globe Pequot Press

Gilmore's song, When Johnny Comes Marching Home, first performed in Boston on September 26, 1863

Boston Mayors of Irish Descent, 1885-2014

Commodore John Barry Memorial along Boston's Irish Heritage Trail

Boston Irish Labor Advocate Maurice J. Tobin, Served as Boston Mayor, Massachusetts Governor and US Secretary of Labor

Remembering Senator Ted Kennedy

August 25, 1987: Boston City Hall Announces Plans for an Immigrant Rights Office to Help Irish, Haitian and South American Immigrants

Charlestown Townies Burn Convent to the Ground, 1834

Ulster Scots Sail into Boston Harbor, 1718

Guided Tour of Boston's Irish Heritage Trail on Sunday, June 16 at Boston Common

May 19, 1832: Request to Bury Irish Children in Charlestown, Massachusetts Refused by Town Selectman

Boston Irish Dancers Holding Fundraiser for the Richard Family in Aftermath of Boston Marathon

Boston Marathon Gets Underway Today

James B. Connolly of South Boston wins first medal in the modern Olympic Games in Athens, April 6, 1896