Soldiers & Sailors Monument on Boston Common, Cornerstone Placed on September 18th

JFK Statue at Massachusetts State House Now Open to the Public

Irish Rebels Seize Dublin Post Office in Easter Uprising, 1916

Boston College Arts Festival Features Gaelic Roots Performers on April 23

Johnny Kelley - One of the Boston Marathon Greats

April 18, 1949: 26 Counties of Ireland Officially became the Republic of Ireland, Despite deValera Objection

Boston Massacre Occurred on March 5, 1770, Helping to Inspire the Revolutionary War

Maud Gonne, Ireland's Joan of Arc, Toured Massachusetts in February 1900 to Protest British in Boer War

Erskine Childers Weds Mary Alden Osgood at Trinity Church in Boston on January 5, 1904