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Sunday, August 26, 2018

Quincy Marketplace in Boston Opened on August 26, 1826

On this day in 1826, Boston celebrated the grand opening of the Faneuil Hall, commonly known as QuincyMarketplace. Located on the site that had long served as Boston's public market, the three massive buildings dominated the harbor and were hailed as a sign of the city's prosperity and civic pride, according to Mass Moments, published by Mass Humanities. 

The project was propelled by Boston Mayor Josiah Quincy, who initially faced resistance from local merchants and citizens who thought the project too costly.  But Quincy prevailed, and the new market was quickly referred to as Quincy Market.

Writes Mass Moments, "At the grand opening, crowds gathered to hear the bell that would signify the opening of what one local merchant called "the market of all markets on the globe." According to one newspaper, the new market "was thronged from morning till night, and many visitors from other parts of the Union expressed much gratification in witnessing the extent and arrangement of this noble institution.""

The Boston Traveller wrote, "Of all the projects for improving our city conceived by the combined wisdom of the present generation, the New Market, for boldness of design, energy of execution and promise of public benefit ust rank first  This spacious and magnificent structure (is) at once the pride and boast of the metropolis." 

Today, Quincy Market is one of the region's most popular tourist sites and is also popular with local residents.

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