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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Massachusetts State Legislators are Forming a Committee to Honor South Boston's Ray Flynn

A group of Massachusetts legislators, led by new state representative Nick Collins from South Boston, is forming a committee to recommend a suitable memorial to Raymond L. Flynn, former Mayor of Boston and US Ambassador to the Vatican.

Bill HO3029 was offered by former South Boston state representative Brian Wallace in January and is being sponsored by State representatives Collins,  Martin Walsh and Eugene O'Flaherty.

The full text of the bill reads:

"The Speaker of the House shall appoint a committee made up of elected officials and non-elected officials not exceeding 9 who would hold two hearings, one at the State House and one at City Hall and ask the public to testify as to the placement of a suitable Memorial to Vatican Ambassador, Former Mayor, Former State Representative and Former Boston City Councilor Raymond L. Flynn This bill was offered by Former Representative Brian Wallace and sponsored by Rep Collins, Rep Walsh, Rep O'Flaherty Said Committee upon the conclusion of both hearings should offer three recommendations as to site, cost and time-frame to the Speaker of the House."

Flynn began his illustrious public career in 1971 as state representative from South Boston, and also served as Boston city councilor, then as Mayor of Boston from 1984-1993.  President Bill Clinton appointed Flynn US Ambassador to the Vatican from 1993-1997.

Flynn was recently honored by Providence College as one of the school's best collegiate basketball players.